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Du học Hà lan: Học bổng thạc sĩ tại đại học Radboud, Netherlands

The Radboud Scholarship Programme offers a selected number of talented prospective non-EEA students the opportunity to receive a scholarship to pursue a complete English-taught Master’s degree programme at Radboud University.

Host Institution(s):

Radboud University in The Netherlands

Field of study:

Eligible English-taught Masters Degree Programme offered by the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medical Sciences, and Faculty of Law.

Number of Scholarships:

About 30 each year

Target group:

Non-EU/EEA International Students

Scholarship value/duration:

The scholarship is not an amount of money that you will receive in your bank account, but consists of a partial tuition waiver. The tuition fee will be waived to the level of an EEA student.For example: a grant holder in 2018/2019 will pay a tuition fee of only €2,060, instead of €9,879 or €10,856.

In addition, the Radboud Scholarship also covers costs such as those for visa, residence permit, health insurance and liability insurance. This amounts to about € 940.

In the case of a two-year programme: to qualify for the grant during the second year, you need to have passed all courses in the first year.


You will only be eligible to obtain a Radboud Scholarship if you:

  1. hold a non-EU/EEA passport

  2. are not eligible for the lower EEA tuition fee for other reasons

  3. you have (will obtain) a Bachelor’s degree achieved outside the Netherlands and have no degrees achieved in the Netherlands

  4. have been fully admitted to the English-taught Master’s degree programme starting 1 September 2018 as stated in the formal letter of admission

  5. are able to comply with the conditions for obtaining a visa for the Netherlands

  6. are enrolled at Radboud University as a full-time student for the academic year and Master’s degree programme for which the scholarship will be awarded.

Application instructions:

The application for admission and the application for the scholarship is fully integrated, there is no separate procedure for the scholarship. However, admission to the programme does not imply selection for the scholarship. You apply for a Radboud Scholarship by indicating on your Master’s application form for admission that you wish to apply for a Radboud Scholarship.

You must have finalized your request for admission via the online application system OSIRIS Incoming Students before 1 March 2018.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website:’s-programmes/financial-matters/scholarships-grants/read_more/rsprogramme/​

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