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About Us

TTLS Scholar Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to help young and talented students from Vietnam to study internationally in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

With the motto "A Bright Future Is Sharing", the TTLS scholarship fund's management board hopes that the fund's website will be a place to share useful information for young people about the latest overseas scholarship information updated by the management board in order to help young people grasp opportunities to study in the most advanced educational systems.

The management board hopes to receive information about scholarships, studying abroad from readers, sponsors, and donors who share scholarship information from the places where you work. We will gather and share this information with young people, helping them to seize opportunities to succeed. This is also a very meaningful way to contribute, helping to create a generation of talented young people to build a bright future for their homeland.

The foundation was established to share overseas scholarship information with young people. The management board tries its best to update the most accurate scholarship information according to its ability, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Readers need to verify with the scholarship provider to update the latest information and provide feedback to us if any.


TTLS Scholar Foundation was founded by Tracey Ho and Ann Ho, two sisters who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam, looking to provide English education and scholarship opportunities to students living in Vietnam. As international students, the Ho Sisters know the challenges of navigating higher education.  

Tracey Ho is studying Finance at The University of Texas at Austin and will continue pursuing her Master of Science in Business Analytics. She worked at Amazon, managing its logistics and operations. Ann Ho is currently a high school junior and wants to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Business.

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